Want to be a Virtual Assistant?

Do YOU want be a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

But don’t know what your strengths and talents are that can help you get started?

Technology is changing and VAs are in constant demand, but not just any VA is acceptable.
What are the requirements to be a Virtual Assistant?
  • 100% honesty, reliability, and ethics
  • A commitment to pride in your work quality and the pursuit of self and work/career excellence
  • Intense attention to detail and error checking
  • Proactive, self starter, self manager, and tenacity in finding solutions to problems
  • Professional demeanor and personable/team player attitude who’s passionate about working on the Internet
  • Computer knowledge
Want to find out if you have what it takes?
On this blog post you will find 4 Steps that can help you.
Are you ready? Let’s start:

Step 1
What are your pros and cons?

Being an employee:  List Pros and Cons

Being Self-employed: List Pros andCons


Step 2

List your skills: (i.e. organizing, cleaning, filing, listening)

List your interest: (i.e. reading, writing, research, entertaining, technology)

List your talents: (i.e. painting, dancing, acting, photography, designing)


Step 3

What skills/interests/talents can I offer my clients in a way that I feel appreciated and valued?


Step 4

Now that I have these written down, what are my next steps?

Take these steps to get the ball rolling.

Place a check when done:

1.  Research is essential and can be fun.

These resources can be very useful.  Take time to receive information.

  • Internet
  • library
  • books
  • newspaper

2. Comparing notes and information.

It’s time to gather the resources and find your niche.

  • Write down the pro’s and cons
  • Look into your competition
  • What is the difference between you and your competitors
  • Write, write, write……

3. Choosing how you will market your services/products.

This step takes a lot of consideration especially if money is tight.

Affordable/free ways can be:

  • Blogs (WordPress and Blogger)
  • Google Sites for a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Social Media Networking
  • Business Networking
  • Always have business cards ready
  • Talk to family and friends
  • Offer your services at a discount price in exchange for a testimonial or referral


Consider the parts of your work and personal life where you have demonstrated being trustworthy and responsible and list them.

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2 thoughts on “Want to be a Virtual Assistant?

  1. Hello,

    What are you looking to delegate? They are many different assistants first you list what you want to the assistant to do for you from there you are able to choose a professional assistant. Also interview the assistant and ask for references.

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