Virtual Celebrity, me?

Virtual Celebrity, me?

For just 20 minutes a day, YOU can BECOME a Virtual Celebrity!


  • By tweeting in Twitter
  • Connecting and making new friends, chatting, posting links, joining groups, informative videos in Facebook
  • Connecting with professionals and groups in LinkedIn
  • Customize and network with a Myspace page
  • Submit short articles to Articles Submission Sites
  • Blog about anything, include videos, photos with your post, and cross-promote
  • Create funny video, an infomercial, tip of the week, even a slideshow of your favorite pics with background music upload to YouTube
  • Most importantly, a website to promote your services/products

Now why would these Social Networking Sites and a website, help you become a Virtual Celebrity?

Shhh! Here is the secret, these sites have search engine popularity. Your name/business name embedded with the URL of Twitter, Myspace, YouTube and website, etc. will help you get noticed in the internet world.

Setting up these accounts are very easy and user friendly!

Just allow yourself 20 minutes a day on each Social Networking Site, create a website and Become a Virtual Celebrity Today!

Need help getting started? Contact us!

We  research keyword rich names, create interesting graphic icons, teach you how to promote your page/website, and give you creative ideas that work.

Ready to get started! Contact Tech Savvy Virtual Assistants Today!


5 thoughts on “Virtual Celebrity, me?

  1. Such cute graphics! Loved the informative blog with outstanding information. I use Twitter quite a bit too and it is SO fun and SO addicting. Along with Facebook and others, you do really have to limit your time to each or before you know it, several hours have passed!

    I own a Virtual Assistant business as well and love learning, networking and sharing information.

    Thanks again and enjoy your evening! I’ll continue to check back from time to time.

    Deb Lamb
    Your Everything Services-Virtual Assistant Services

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