Audio Interview with the CEO for DC,inc Tech Savvy VA

David Wolf from interviewed Tania Lopez our Tech Savvy VA.  Hear what she had to say!

Click Here to listen!

Tania Lopez Tech Savvy VAA New Yorker from day one, Tania Lopez has always carried the independence and passion of her home city.  From productivity to web design, she continually takes in new skills; especially now as an up and coming entrepreneur. Since her first employment at the age of 15, thinking fast and outside the box has been always been part of her life.

Two years ago in 2007 she decided to create the home-based business Divine Creativity, Inc. The business started out in the field of web and graphic design but with the competition so high she had to find a niche to differentiate her services. She hit the mark with the creation of a new and innovative career term: “Tech Savvy Virtual Assistants”.  As America’s Tech Savvy Virtual Assistant, Tania offers internet marketing services once only allowed to high budget businesses such as website design, maintenance and hosting at a more affordable cost.

Lopez has also taken a grass roots approach to grooming other virtual assistants such as the creation of several virtual groups and the first face to face New York Virtual Assistant Meetup Group. In addition to growing and promoting her business and the growing term Virtual Assistant, Lopez’s largest goal is to open a Career Center for moms who want to work from home. Not only has this niche resulted in being recognized by news organizations such as CBS News and, but also as a single mom Lopez has made her an icon for single mothers who need more creative ways for taking care of their kids. In fact, within this business and its objectives, she has reached great new heights as a working class mom.

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