How to use public speaking to boost your biz

Now more than ever, we need to communicate from a place of true strength.  Presenting opens countless doors of opportunity—from networking, meetings, seminars, teleseminars, and much more….

Imagine yourself:

  • Presenting in front of 10-100’s people without panic
  • Boosting your income with proper-management-speaking-skills
  • Enjoying your experience
  • Engaging your audience with your speech

My colleague and Professional Lecturer Ilene Bergelson from Lifemoves Health and the C.H.E.K Institute want to share with you  “Presenting Fearlessly: Breaking the Barriers & Boosting Business” teleseminar recording and Q & A telechat.

First listen to Ilene’s most recent teleseminar recording: “Presenting Fearlessly: Breaking the Barriers & Boosting Business”

Then dial in to the Q & A Telechat on Thursday January 8, 2009

Time: 12 pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern/ 8pm Greenwich

Phone: (+1) 978-964-0050

Access code: 49683246#

Seats are limited! Call in quickly!

During the telechat you can ask Ilene what you want to know.  She will answer your questions LIVE!

Bonus giveaways and consultation lottery special!

Everyone on the call are eligible to win.

Start boosting your confidence and biz through public speaking today!


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