Virtual Assistant Teleclass Contest

I need your help.  While I was working on the 6-week Virtual Assistant workshop teleseries scheduled to being in February 2009, I realized that the title for the workshop isn’t the right fit.  “Are you ready to be a VA?” doesn’t seem to click. So this is where you come in. How would you like the opportunity to weigh in? Not only that, you could earn more than 50% discount off the price of this 6 week course! How? You ask…Why don’t you come up with a GREAT title!? Yes, you submit 1-2 titles to be considered for this event and if yours is chosen, you win the VA workshop for only $147!  Yes, more than 50% off the $297 full price! Get a heads up on the dynamics of research and development and see how fun it can really be!
Here’s some helpful tips.
The 6-week workshop teleseries will include these and other topics:
  • Legal aspects of a self-employed business
  • Accounting 101
  • Organizing and delegating
  • Bartering and joint ventures
  • Importance of branding, having a business plan, advertising
  • Attracting your ideal client
  • Focusing on the work you LOVE
  • The transition between employee and self-employment

Guidlelines for the contest please follow carefully:

  • Google search the titles before submitting. Why?  As a precaution and a helpful tip, titles should be researched this will prevent using a title that is already being used
  • Titles can be unique, catchy and inviting
  • Submit 1-2 titles to VA Workshop Title Contest Form
  • Deadline is December 24, 2008

Psst…little secret submit 2 titles to increase your chances to win.

4 titles will be selected and posted on DC,inc Weblog Poll and on where people from all over the world will vote.   After the selected titles are posted I will forward you a link. With this link, you will be able to see the status of your vote and ask your friends/family to help you win.
The person with the highest combined vote wins.

Act quickly!  This your chance to practice your VA skills and have some fun!
Good luck!

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