Women Get Motivated!

Originally posted on DCinc. Tech Savvy Virtual Assistants:

Every woman has a business edge that comes from 10 inherent  strengths.  Sharpen this edge, and you can become a force to be reckoned with.

Put force behind your business with these 10 inner strengths.

  1. Fire: No matter how much you love your business, you won’t love every minute of your day.  Practice being “on fire” even when doing mundane tasks.
  2. Intuitive Vision: You often intuitively know when a good idea presents itself.  If you wait for all the facts to come in, big opportunities will pass you by.  Don’t over analyze every decision.  Be willing to step out with no guarantee.
  3. Engagement: Small engagements-answering email, searching the internet, attending networking groups-can make you feel productive though you accomplish little.  Engage in the big things that move your business forward, and focus on them daily.
  4. Agility: The agility to stretch and grow comes from challenging fixed viewpoints-yours and others’.  Don’t…

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